What Are The Benefits Of Acupuncture After Surgery?


Surgery can be a major source of stress for the body, but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. For certain injuries, like complex fractures, torn rotator cuffs, and ACL tears, surgery is often the only treatment option available. If you’re concerned about an upcoming surgical procedure and you want to ensure you have a speedy recovery afterward, acupuncture […]

What Are The Long-Term Benefits Of Acupuncture?


Acupuncture can provide fast relief from muscle pain and stress-related tension. It can work wonders for mood regulation, too. When you schedule your first acupuncture session, you can expect to leave the clinic feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You’ll probably also enjoy a more restful night’s sleep the day of your treatment. Acupuncture has many immediate […]

Acupuncture For Muscle Knots: Does It Work?


Muscle knots are a common ailment among athletes, but they can pop up now and then even if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. These painful bumps develop when a muscle is used repeatedly, to hit a tennis ball with a racket, for example. Over time, the muscle becomes tense, and instead of releasing the tension […]