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We all experience pains and strains from day to day. However, there are never any good reasons to let discomfort and pain take over your life. Whether you’re trying to enjoy your retirement, work on your feet regularly, or are even a budding athlete, it may be time to ask for help with chronic and acute pain. Have you considered looking into a clinic offering acupuncture in Hughesville, PA?

Lycoming Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture provides local, professional pain relief and injury support to people from all walks of life. With a raft of acupuncture and sports therapy services available, we’ll help you regain flexibility and function – no matter what you do.

From your first visit onwards, you’ll have the chance to find out more about the relief you could achieve through pain management. Alternatively, if you are training for a race or an upcoming event, we’ll help you prepare your body for endurance to come.

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Our bodies carry incredible amounts of stress and tension.

In addition, those of us who excel in sports are prone to injury and scarring that can cause long-term harm, both physically and mentally. Caring for your body and mind means occasionally taking time to consider acupuncture and sports therapy.

Acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, and other specialized therapies can help you to maintain incredible flexibility and strength. Acupuncture is not simply a go-to for pain relief – it can – and will – ensure that you are fighting fit, and are at the top of your game!

From a simple consultation, you’ll receive a personal plan of care and action. This supports a full initial assessment and questionnaire – and you will have the time and space to ask any questions you desire.

How could sports therapy help me?

No matter the type of exercise you do – nor the intensity – it’s important to prepare your body. Preparing your body for intensive exercise and training will not only help you to fight off potential injuries, but will also help you achieve your true potential. With sports therapy from LycoAcu, you can be sure you’re ready to head to the track, pitch, or field day after day.

Our clinic offers transformative acupuncture Hughesville, PA athletes rely on for long-lasting results. From direct acupuncture to electrostimulation and instrument massage, we’ll help you find a therapy solution that fits your profile and physical goals. You’ll have the chance to discuss your physical concerns, as well as what you’d like to achieve through regular consultations.

From an initial strength assessment, a professional acupuncturist will guide you through a first session to provide immediate relief and flexibility. Those of us who exercise more than others may not always realize the strain we put upon ourselves!

With regular acupuncture and sports therapy, you can always be sure your body’s ready to take on challenge after challenge.

Why might I consider pain management?

Pain is, unfortunately, an expected part of everyday life. However, when joints and muscles start to experience intense levels of discomfort over time, it gets difficult to continue doing the things you take for granted.

Pain management for acute and chronic conditions – across the upper and lower body – can support people at all stages of life. You don’t have to be a highly active person to benefit from acupuncture. In fact, with regular sessions at LycoAcu, you may find your body starts to heal itself quicker than ever before.

LycoAcu cares deeply about providing everyday people with access to revolutionary acupuncture support. There are no good reasons why intense, long-term pain should ever become a part of your life – don’t let it stand in the way of your goals and dreams.

What services are available at LycoAcu?

As experts acupuncturists in Hughesville, PA, residents count on us for transformative healing and ongoing care and our clinic is proud to present a variety of solutions and services. We want to tailor each specialism to our visitors – as no two bodies are ever quite the same!

From your initial visit to our clinic, we’ll take you through the services available to benefit your specific needs and profile. Here is just a sample of what LycoAcu has to offer:


Acupuncture has helped millions of people recover from debilitating pain for hundreds of years. As a qualified clinic, LycoAcu will help you find gentle relief by targeting motor points across your nervous system.

The acupuncture process is warm and stimulating – allowing muscles to relax and recuperate during a gently guided session. This treatment can help to remedy ongoing pain and strain, as well as prepare your body for physical challenges ahead.


Electrostimulation is similar to traditional acupuncture in approach, however, it observes the use of directed electrical current. This treatment can help many people regain flexibility and function on the back of debilitating injuries, and even long-term conditions.

A direct evolution from traditional needling, electrostimulation can help to release energy across your nervous system – therefore encouraging long-term healing.

Dry Needling

LycoAcu provides dry needling to visitors in need of additional flexibility. Over time, repetitive motions can cause intense muscle and joint strains. Dry needling, while similar to straightforward acupuncture, directly targets knots and points of tension.

It is another alternative point of therapy that can help people recover from injury and prepare for intensive activity. As with other therapies we have to offer, regular sessions are always recommended.

Strength Assessment

LycoAcu recommends full strength assessments before undertaking any treatments. This helps us to understand your body profile and to make bespoke recommendations.

Over the first consultation of up to two hours, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any strength concerns you may have. Through the EXSTORE method, our clinic will help to find points of pain and weakness, and develop a sustainable action plan with you.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

As experts in sports therapy, we’re pleased to support the beneficial Graston Technique to help our visitors recover from injuries and painful strains. Regardless of your activity profile, soft tissue mobilization can help to restore areas of your body in need of essential flexibility and functionality.

We highly recommend Graston treatments to athletes and highly active people – however, it can bring widespread benefits to all.


By redirecting blood flow, cupping can help to encourage your body to heal from painful stresses and strains. This vacuum therapy is available in both wet and dry treatments, either of which may benefit your physical profile.

There’s no need to worry – as we’ll help you find a solution that benefits your needs and goals.

Moses Alvarez

As a National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) diplomate, Moses is a board-certified acupuncturist and Registered Professional Nurse with combined 20 years’ experience in pain management, internal disorders and holistic wellness. His education includes Classical Acupuncture under Jeffrey C. Yuen at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences since 1999.

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