It’s important to know where we stand - before we start to pick up the pace.

As part of all acupuncture and sports therapy consultations, strength assessments will help to determine any weaknesses or inhibitions you may be suffering from. As a budding or decorated athlete, you may even be suffering from muscle issues or concerns and not even realize it!

We thoroughly examine and test all muscle groups, joints and major pain points in the body via the EXSTORE system – to firstly EXAMINE problems, and then RESTORE functionality.

Strength assessments cater to all major muscle groups in the body. Over a two-hour consultation, you will have the opportunity to test your fitness and strength and learn more about how acupuncture and sports therapy can prepare your body for challenges ahead.

This initial consultation is a full orthopedic examination. Its purpose is to fully understand your body, and where specific strains or injuries may be holding you back.

Strength assessments also help provide an understanding of your full range of motion. Are there any inhibiting factors that may be preventing more flexible mobility? Which muscles could benefit from targeted treatments, such as acupuncture or cupping?


It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you’d like to raise with a specialist regarding treatments. Above all, this stage of treatment is important for helping us to provide a more personal, bespoke service to you.


Regardless of your activity level – and why you’re planning to visit the clinic – be sure to book a strength assessment with us today to start learning more about how to achieve peak personal performance.


What is EXSTORE?

The EXSTORE system, created by Dr. Anthony Lombardi, is a proven roadmap for testing and treating dysfunctional muscles. We are thrilled to bring these principles to local athletes and hard-working people.

1 . Examine 

“Exstore” assessment involves functional muscle testing not unlike those performed by a orthopedic physician or physical therapist. This is important to identify which muscles are dysfunctional (i.e., “inhibited”), thus allowing us to quickly start your process of recovery in the most efficient way possible.


2. Restore

By using “Exstore” to examine multiple muscles involved in joint movement & stability, the next steps involve using motor points and electro-acupuncture to quickly restore movement and function. Restoring function aids in your recovery more efficiently, meaning you have less pain & significant improvement in your daily activity.


3. Optimal Performance

Treating muscle inhibition & underlying dysfunction means we resolve your main problem. This means less pain, less medication side effects, improved sleep, and better quality of life. These are only a few of the benefits to using “Exstore” as a means to recovery.  The optimal performance rewards of using this system are endless!

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