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Working hard for a living or as part of a sports discipline will take a toll on your body. We all try to look after ourselves as best we can – but can you ever be sure you’re pushing yourself within healthy limits? For millions of people worldwide, regular acupuncture, needling, and associated therapies can provide restorative relief to joints and muscles. Have you thought about booking into acupuncture in Montgomery, PA to improve the mobility and stability of your joints?


As a professional clinic offering a range of pain management and sports therapy services, Lycoming Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture is your local resource for restoring function in your everyday life. Bodily dysfunction should never get in the way of your long-term goals – nor should it restrict your everyday life.


Traditional acupuncture has supported people from all walks of life for centuries – whether in improving joint stability or easing chronic pain, it is proven to ease several painful and stressful conditions. If you’re entirely new to needling or soft tissue therapy of any kind, we’re here to help ease you through the process. Let’s dive into a little bit about what you might expect on your first visit.

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Our bodies carry incredible amounts of stress and tension.

In addition, those of us who excel in sports are prone to injury and scarring that can cause long-term harm, both physically and mentally. Caring for your body and mind means occasionally taking time to consider acupuncture and sports therapy.

Acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, and other specialized therapies can help you to maintain incredible flexibility and strength. Acupuncture is not simply a go-to for pain relief – it can – and will – ensure that you are fighting fit, and are at the top of your game!

From a simple consultation, you’ll receive a personal plan of care and action. This supports a full initial assessment and questionnaire – and you will have the time and space to ask any questions you desire.

Restorative pain management and relief

Many people visit us for acupuncture in Montgomery, PA, simply because their joints and muscles are too painful, strained, or inflexible to operate at a full range of motion. While some everyday pain is always to be expected, chronic conditions – when left untreated – can result in serious mobility problems. 

Pain management through direct targeting of soft tissue trigger points can help immediately relieve soreness and straining. At Lycoming Acupuncture, we carefully assess your immediate need for relief and discuss your long-term physical goals with you. What do you wish to get out of life – but may not be able to do so presently thanks to pain and/or inflexibility?

Restorative treatments such as acupuncture, electrostimulation, cupping, and dry needling can help to soothe pain on your first visit to our clinic. Additionally, you’re likely to find more than 50% improved mobility after your first consultation.

While your body and lifestyle may vary from many others, keeping up with regular acupuncture sessions can ensure you enjoy an increased range of movement without the risk of added pain and stress.


Sports therapy – for track, field, pool, and beyond

If you’re a keen athlete – professionally or otherwise – it’s crucial to know your limits and to give your body time to relax and restore. While you’re likely already warming up, cooling down, and stretching from session to session, have you ever considered long-term acupuncture in Montgomery, PA, to support your physical goals?

Lycoming Orthopedic provides tailored sports therapy sessions to restore your muscles and joints and increase stability and flexibility while you’re active. As a highly active person, you’re going to rely on a wider range of movement than most – which is why it’s worth considering sports therapy and muscle restoration in between meetings and training sessions.

Our clinic specializes in various targeted soft tissue therapies and treatments to prepare your body for intense exercise and help you recover from injuries. Sports therapy is not purely useful in assisting athletes to recover from torn ligaments – it’s highly conducive to long-term endurance, whether you’re on the track or the gridiron.

We’ll analyze your strength and physical capabilities on your first visit – and from there, regular sessions will help you to keep reaching for those all-important career checkpoints.

Services available from your local clinic

While Lycoming Orthopedic specializes in traditional acupuncture, our clinic provides a range of alternative therapies recommended based on your physical profile and long-term goals. Here is a short breakdown of some of the sessions you can book with us:


Traditional acupuncture is the bedrock for helping to relieve knots in soft tissue. By targeting trigger points across your body’s muscle and nervous networks, a specialist can help to promote oxygen and blood flow to points of your body in need of additional stability, mobility, or pain relief. 

This warming procedure is always recommended to new clinic visitors – though additional therapies are recommended depending on your specific needs.

Dry Needling

Though sometimes confused with acupuncture as-is, dry needling focuses more on releasing knots and pockets of tension across various muscle zones. This therapy is especially recommended if you notice painful tension at rest and when active.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft tissue mobilization, administered via the Graston Technique, uses instruments to directly target areas of your body likely to undergo intense physical endurance. It’s highly recommended for athletes and highly active people, though the technique is predominantly valuable for stretching and restoring potential areas of scar tissue.


Electrostimulation treatments center around acupuncture’s foundations and allow electrical current to stimulate nerve points across your body directly. This additional level of stimulation can help increase your mobility range with greater efficiency – depending on your body’s needs and your long-term goals. This treatment may operate in the place of standard acupuncture, or even alongside.


Using directed vacuum cups, wet and dry cupping promotes blood flow to knots and tense areas of soft tissue needing relaxation. This therapy helps to both restore flexibility to tense, painful tissue as well as relieve long-term pain.

Ahead of any new treatment you book at Lycoming Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture, we’ll ask you to undergo a short strength assessment. This session allows us to understand your body’s full range of movements and to ascertain which therapies may be most useful in helping you realize your goals.

Moses Alvarez

As a National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) diplomate, Moses is a board-certified acupuncturist and Registered Professional Nurse with combined 20 years’ experience in pain management, internal disorders and holistic wellness. His education includes Classical Acupuncture under Jeffrey C. Yuen at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences since 1999.

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Acupuncture doesn’t have to be scary – and what’s more, there are multiple alternative therapies and treatments that can help you regain flexibility and strength. Whether you’re ready to take on new physical challenges or need help regaining mobility in everyday life, why not consider booking a first acupuncture session?

Call our team or book online with Lycoming Orthopedic today to learn more. We look forward to helping restore not only a fuller range of mobility but also a zest for life!

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