Whether you are a practicing athlete or need help recovering from regular pain or a recent injury, our aim is to help you feel at ease from the moment you arrive.

Initial Consultation

  • When arriving at the clinic for the first time, you’ll take part in a complete evaluation and assessment.
  • This orthopedic evaluation will give you the opportunity to tell your story, and to let us know more about the physical concerns you may have.
  • It’s also a great opportunity to find out more about acupuncture therapy available from the clinic.
  • We’ll explore all options with you during your visit, and will give you the opportunity and time to think carefully about the steps you’d like to take.

Physical Evaluation

  • Your first consultation at the clinic will be a comprehensive examination and discussion. This will entail an assessment of your major muscles, joints and motor points.
  • You can expect a complete examination of your head, neck, back, spine, legs, hips and shoulders. All your major muscle groups will be tested and assessed. You’ll be able to undertake these tests at your own pace – it is all in aid of learning more about how your body performs.
  • Above all, our aim is to provide a personal, customized experience. No two bodies – or the journeys they take on – are ever the same. That’s why it is so important to openly discuss your needs, your expectations, and any concerns you may have before we start.

First Treatment

Personalized Plan

  • At the end of your first visit and two-hour consultation, you will have the chance to book further, specialist treatment sessions with the clinic. Would you like to know more about a specific treatment or targeted therapy? Do you have any queries or concerns in the meantime?
  • You’ll now have the chance to enjoy the wonderful after-effects of acupuncture and therapy from just one simple taster session. If you enjoy the way it feels – and the liberty it provides you – why not book in for more?

Ready to get started?