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We all put our bodies through a lot of pressure. Some of us are highly active, while others regularly struggle with chronic and acute pain. In some cases, you may even find that pain and inflexibility are holding you back from doing the things you love. In which case, have you considered acupuncture in Wilkes-Barre before?

Alongside a recommended treatment course from your registered doctor or physician, acupuncture could help bring a new spring to your step. Millions of people – from athletes to retirees – rely upon traditional acupuncture to help soothe pain and keep mobile. After all, pain medication is only ever going to go so far.

At Lycoming Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture, we provide various services to help stimulate muscle and tissue, and promote healthy blood flow. Whether you have difficulty managing pain or want to prepare your body for a new physical challenge, we’re always happy to discuss individual needs.

Acupuncture may seem scary initially, but it’s a simple procedure that could produce immediate benefits. In fact, more than half of our visitors experience improved mobility from just their first visit to our clinic! 

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Our bodies carry incredible amounts of stress and tension.

In addition, those of us who excel in sports are prone to injury and scarring that can cause long-term harm, both physically and mentally. Caring for your body and mind means occasionally taking time to consider acupuncture and sports therapy.

Acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, and other specialized therapies can help you to maintain incredible flexibility and strength. Acupuncture is not simply a go-to for pain relief – it can – and will – ensure that you are fighting fit, and are at the top of your game!

From a simple consultation, you’ll receive a personal plan of care and action. This supports a full initial assessment and questionnaire – and you will have the time and space to ask any questions you desire.

Acupuncture and pain management – is it worth it?

Yes! Traditional acupuncture is proven to help people of all ages and mobility manage regular aches and pains. It’s even recommended when recovering from specific injuries and surgeries, too. Over-the-counter medication may remove immediate discomfort, but regular acupuncture could help you lead a fuller life without the barriers pain puts up.

At Lycoming Orthopedic, we get to know more about who you are, how you’re feeling, and what you want to achieve. Many people visit our clinic to manage pain better so they can start walking or cycling more. Even if you simply need help standing for an hour or so each day, targeted acupuncture may help ease even the most aggravating pain.

Acupuncture for pain management can help to undo muscle knotting and release tension across the body. Some treatments are great for helping you recover from scar tissue and for directing blood to areas of your body that need help to recover from injury. 

We balance pain management acupuncture with a focus on restoring mobility. Many of our visitors looking for acupuncture in Wilkes-Barre simply want to regain the ability to stretch and walk. That’s why you are never too old to approach your local clinic for help and advice. We tailor acupuncture and treatment plans to your physical needs and your long-term goals.

What is sports therapy acupuncture?

Acupuncture in sports therapy can help athletes and active people stay flexible and strong when their bodies need to take on new challenges. Whether you want to prepare for races or active sports, your body must be warmed up and ready to perform. Unfortunately, we all have limits – which is why even highly active people get injured.

Many sports injuries are not only painful, they’re highly restricting. As a professional athlete, you may find that a hamstring tear or a frozen shoulder could restrict you from playing in your local team or heading to the next big championship. Yes – your body can endure all kinds of physical challenges – but it’s important to prepare as much as it is to recover.

We provide sports therapy services to protect your body in times of high endurance and help you recover from injuries that can restrict your movement. If you’re starting to seize up, or are tearing muscles regularly, it’s time to call for local acupuncture in Wilkes-Barre.

We help active people regain a full range of movement in muscles and joints across their bodies. Whether you play tennis, soccer, run track, or swim, we’re here to help set up a treatment plan that supports you.

Treatments we provide

As an experienced, qualified acupuncture clinic, we’ve developed a series of treatments to help people in Wilkes-Barre manage pain and regain flexibility. After a simple strength assessment, you’ll have a choice of treatment options based on your physical profile and needs. Here’s a taste of some of what we have to offer:

Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture runs core to all that we do at Lycoming Orthopedic. Following practices and principles honed over centuries of care, we use sterilized needles to pinpoint areas in your body and nervous network.

This helps us to redirect blood and oxygen and to help relieve straining and tension pockets. Acupuncture can also help to reduce inflammation!

Dry Needling

Dry needling is akin to acupuncture in that it still uses needles. The main difference is that needling focuses on releasing tension from trigger points and is rooted less in ancient Chinese medicine. 

Dry needling helps to target acute pain and tension directly, while acupuncture focuses more on channels and flow.


Cupping therapy revolves around vacuum pockets. Using small vacuum cups, we apply gentle suction to areas of the body that need additional blood and oxygen. For many people, this can help provide instant relief from aches and pains.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

For active people suffering from scar tissue, soft tissue mobilization can be effective in helping to restore mobility to painful, strained muscles. By stretching and restoring tissue delicately through the Graston Technique, we can help to prepare bodies for exercise and restore tissue from extensive damage.


Electrostimulation therapy applies a slight, warming electrical current to treatment needles. We can then stimulate trigger points across the body, helping to restore movement and relieve certain pains and strains.

Moses Alvarez

As a National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) diplomate, Moses is a board-certified acupuncturist and Registered Professional Nurse with combined 20 years’ experience in pain management, internal disorders and holistic wellness. His education includes Classical Acupuncture under Jeffrey C. Yuen at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences since 1999.

Is acupuncture in Wilkes-Barre right for me?

Whether you have a doctor’s recommendation or are curious to book acupuncture in Wilkes-Barre on your own, we’d be thrilled to show you the benefits.

From your first initial visit to our clinic onwards, you’ll have the chance to help shape your treatment plan and ask all the questions you need from our professional team.

Want to know more, or to book an initial appointment? Call now, or fill out our web form – and we’ll get back to you!

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