Electrostimulation is also known as neurofunctional acupuncture - and it is widely seen as the ‘modern’ evolution of traditional acupuncture.

The aim of electrostimulation therapy is to ascertain pain points across the body and to help remedy dysfunction in the nervous system. Much in the same vein as acupuncture, the process requires needles to gently enter the skin at said points, discovered during an initial consultation.

Needles are inserted at motor points across the body. Through these points, energy flows are created to allow for soft, gentle contraction and relaxation. This particular type of stimulation uses electrical current – to help boost the level of stimulus in play.

When consulting with me, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the differences between standard acupuncture and electrostimulation. As a licensed, experienced acupuncturist, I will only ever be too happy to help you find a solution that helps you reach your personal goals.

Electrostimulation can help to increase muscle strength, potential mobility, and can also help to remove the need for pain medication. It is particularly effective in treating athletic strains and injuries, postural inhibitions and even debilitating motor concerns.

It is just one avenue of treatment available through our wide array of clinical services. Attending to active people and those struggling with acute and chronic pain, electrostimulation could help you to regain a new lease of life – ready to take on new, exciting challenges for years to come.


Before considering electrostimulation, make sure to discuss your concerns and options with us at a preliminary consultation. Here, we can design a personal plan of action to help you regain the flexibility and functionality you demand.


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