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It’s important to care for your body no matter what you put it through, and you should never be afraid to ask for help. Even the most active and able-bodied of us need support sometimes, and taking painkillers isn’t always the best long-term solution for frustrating physical pain. It’s a reason why acupuncture in Kenmar, PA, is becoming more and more popular.


Traditional acupuncture’s history travels back centuries. Over this time, expert practitioners honed their skills and understanding of the body’s various trigger points and nerve connections to better provide soothing, long-term relief for common aches and pains. Moreover, acupuncture can help reduce inflammation, restore mobility, and increase flexibility in sore and tense muscles and joints.

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Our bodies carry incredible amounts of stress and tension.

In addition, those of us who excel in sports are prone to injury and scarring that can cause long-term harm, both physically and mentally. Caring for your body and mind means occasionally taking time to consider acupuncture and sports therapy.

Acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, and other specialized therapies can help you to maintain incredible flexibility and strength. Acupuncture is not simply a go-to for pain relief – it can – and will – ensure that you are fighting fit, and are at the top of your game!

From a simple consultation, you’ll receive a personal plan of care and action. This supports a full initial assessment and questionnaire – and you will have the time and space to ask any questions you desire.

Why choose an acupuncture clinic in Kenmar, PA?

At Lycoming Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture, our clinic provides treatment plans tailored to your needs and/or goals. Whether you are an athlete striving to hit new physical targets or need help managing pain while working, we will guide you through everything you need to know about needling and massage.

With regular acupuncture, you could regain a zest for life – if pain and immobility are holding you back, it’s time to take action.

What exactly is pain management?

Pain management through acupuncture can help restore functionality to areas of your body under immense strain. When physical tears and strains are left to persist, our bodies respond with worsening pain. This may start as dull aching or sensitivity but can develop for the worse if left untreated.

While prescribed pain medication can help you to manage pain in the short term, it is not always a good long-term solution. A personalized, regular acupuncture plan, conversely, may help you regain the use of inflexible muscles and extremities previously closed off to pain.

Pain is a barrier to people of all ages and careers. Even if strains and tears in your leg muscles prevent you from taking short walks, it’s still a barrier to the lifestyle you wish to lead. For many, these barriers can also restrict how and where they can work.

Pain management through acupuncture in Kenmar, PA, can help to restore your body to its previous flexibility. Regular sessions can help keep pain at bay while allowing you to get back to doing what you love – and the activities that keep you going.

The aim of pain management through acupuncture is to provide you with an increased range of movement without fear of pain or injury.

Can sports therapy help me?

Sports therapy through acupuncture can not only help to stave off pain and help you recover from injury but can also help your body prepare for future physical challenges. Whether you’re a track athlete or are keen to try more sports, you must keep your body limber and flexible. The more intensive you exercise, the more you’ll need extra physical help.

Basic stretching and cool-down techniques are essential, but acupuncture and associated therapies can go that extra step in helping you prepare for intense exercise. Tailored sessions can help you to recover from potentially debilitating injuries and ensure your body has the increased range to adapt to the physical demands ahead of you.

Sports therapy techniques can help you recover from scar tissue, restoring mobility and reducing the chance of you developing injuries through exercise. Regular acupuncture and soft tissue therapy are essential for many active people and those who work in sports.

What treatments are available at my local acupuncture clinic?

At Lycoming Orthopedic, we provide a range of treatments to help target pain points and areas of tension across your whole body. When attending your first visit to our clinic, we will guide you through how each treatment works, and help you find a regular plan that supports your goals.

Here is just a selection of treatments available at our clinic right now:

Traditional Acupuncture

Our expert acupuncture clinic provides traditional needling to help restore flexibility and a full range of motion across your body. By targeting your body’s trigger points, we gently guide oxygen and blood across your nervous network to carefully soothe and relieve knotting and tension where you need it the most. This process is gentle, warming, and may provide instant relief at the end of a session.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is similar to acupuncture, though it’s generally recommended for tension release and blood flow enhancement. If you are feeling regular aches and pains when active and resting, dry needling sessions may help you gain some relief.


Electrostimulation techniques allow us to provide a gentle current through delicate needling across your body. An enhanced variation on traditional acupuncture, this treatment can help to broaden your range of movement further, reduce pain, and prepare your body for exercise.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Our clinic specializes in instrument-centric massage via the Graston Technique. Soft tissue mobilization allows us to soothe and repair scar tissue that may restrict mobility.


Through cupping, we apply small vacuum cups across your body’s trigger points to help release tension and improve blood and oxygen circulation. This therapy is useful as an alternative to acupuncture when needling isn’t possible or advised.

Moses Alvarez

As a National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) diplomate, Moses is a board-certified acupuncturist and Registered Professional Nurse with combined 20 years’ experience in pain management, internal disorders and holistic wellness. His education includes Classical Acupuncture under Jeffrey C. Yuen at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences since 1999.

Booking your first session of acupuncture in Kenmar, PA

Acupuncture helps millions of people of varying activity levels get back on their feet and break free from pain and physical restriction. With a simple strength assessment at our clinic, we’ll gain a clear idea of what you need from pain management and/or sports therapy to achieve your goals.

You should never let pain or restricted motion dictate how you want to live your life. If inflexibility prevents you from getting active or taking on roles you enjoy, it’s time to reach out for help.

Whether you’re on a physician referral or want to try acupuncture and other therapies for yourself, call Lycoming Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture to book a first session. Most visitors can regain up to 50% extra mobility from just one visit to our clinic. 

Call now or book online at your convenience. It’s time to start getting back to the things you love most.

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