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To perform at your best, preparation is vital.

If you are an athlete or participate in sports regularly, your body will be in extreme demand. Peak performance is equal parts mental and physical strength – and to keep both in check, you need to respect your body and its limitations.

Improper movement quality not only affects performance, but also injury rates, biomechanical stress, and physiological stress. Muscle imbalances or concerns can exist without you even realizing it! Even small inefficiencies over time can lead to large adverse outcomes.

Sports therapy can help to prevent common sports injuries, muscle tightness, and even debilitating conditions.

Sports therapy is more than simply treatment for common injuries, strains and pain points. Treatments such as cupping, soft tissue mobilization, acupuncture, and corrective exercise can target muscle groups likely to experience considerable stress during intensive activity.

We provide certified, qualified care across a broad range of sports treatments. We are specialists in acupuncture, the Graston Technique, as well as soft tissue massage and mild bone-setting.

Targeting Problem Areas

Acupuncture and sports therapy will target regular problem areas in your body, even those you may not realize, helping you to recover and rejuvenate quickly.

Preparing Your Body

Regular sports therapy can help to ensure your body is ready for the incredible physical challenges ahead. In just one session, you’ll be ready to hit the track.

Striving For Your Personal Best

Acupuncture and sports therapy can help you achieve your athletic goals and more. Let your body be your ticket to your wildest ambitions!

We want to ensure that you’re always prepared to perform at your best.

Intensive exercise demands incredible strength from your body. To perform at your best – and to exceed all expectations – you will need the support of a talented, passionate specialist who can prepare you for the challenges ahead.

We regularly support triathletes, CrossFit athletes and dual-talented professionals – helping them to prevent pain, reduce pain, and enhance performance. Doing your best – and being the best at what you do – means more than just having the perfect mindset.

Through strength assessments, dry needling, acupuncture, corrective exercise, and more, you can prepare your body for the challenges ahead of you. Don’t let pain or injury be the end of your story.

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