Acupuncture For Quad Strain — Does It Really Help?


Acupuncture is beneficial for so many reasons, and its benefits can be enjoyed by anyone, not just serious athletes. This non-invasive alternative treatment method is ideal for enhancing the body’s immune system and promoting relaxation. It’s also excellent for treating all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries thanks to its ability to enhance the healing process. If […]

Does Acupuncture For Facet Joint Pain Work?


You never realize how much you use your back until it starts hurting. Facet joint pain is a type of back pain that affects the facet joints, which are located on either side of each vertebra. These joints help stabilize the spine as you bend, twist, and straighten up. But when these joints become inflamed, […]

Can You Use Acupuncture For Rhomboid Pain?


Rhomboid pain usually affects weightlifters and construction workers — active people who regularly place a great deal of strain on their upper back. But even if you’re not actively participating in strenuous activities, you can still experience rhomboid pain due to things like poor posture and sitting at a desk all day. If you’re tired […]