Acupuncture for Achilles Tendonitis


The Achilles tendon is the largest of its kind across the entire body – meaning when you injure or strain it, it’s going to cause a lot of pain and discomfort. If you’re already feeling tension in your calves and heels, it may be time to consider acupuncture for Achilles pain.

Achilles tendonitis, a major cause of pain in your lower legs, can occur through repetitive or high-intensity exercise. You may strain, injure or even tear your Achilles tendons, for example, if you don’t stretch or warm up properly. In any case, Achilles pain can not only be extremely uncomfortable, but it can also seriously restrict your mobility and ability to exercise.

It’s estimated that around 5.6% of us will suffer from Achilles tendonitis during our lifetime. That may not sound like many people – but it’s all too easy to dismiss Achilles pain as just a temporary setback.

Why should I consider acupuncture for Achilles pain?

Acupuncture for Achilles pain can help to both provide immediate relief and promote long-term healing of your tendons. It’s one of the most popular acupuncture demands at our clinic – and it can benefit everyone from regular walkers to professional athletes.

Acupuncture has helped to treat the Achilles tendon for hundreds of years. While in some cases, extended rest and ice treatment may help to promote healing, regular acupuncture can help speed up recovery. It can also help to strengthen the body against any potential injuries in the future – providing a long-term solution, not just a quick pain fix.

Additionally, acupuncture will directly remedy the cause of pain in your Achilles – not just suppress it (as you may do by taking painkillers). This is what’s referred to as a long-term ‘healing response’.

Every body and every case of tendonitis is slightly different. That’s why it’s important to approach a professional acupuncturist regarding different treatments. It may be, for example, that you personally benefit more from electrostimulation treatments, or needling, to help relieve tension in your affected areas.

Whether you work on your feet or exercise daily, acupuncture will help to tackle Achilles pain at the source, and to help prevent similar injuries. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to regain flexibility and function – at a careful, efficient speed.

How can acupuncture help remedy Achilles pain?

The acupuncture process revolves around the flow of blood and oxygen to the tissues spread across the body’s nervous system for optimal function. Within traditional Chinese medicine, Achilles tendonitis is referred to as blood stagnation – and direct acupressure can help to dilate blood vessels in the swollen area. Crucially, acupuncture helps to keep blood flowing freely across the whole of your body. Consider the tendonitis in your Achilles to be a little like a blockage in need of release!

Let’s consider a few specific ways in which acupuncture for Achilles pain can help to relieve discomfort.

Acupuncture can reduce swelling and inflammation

In most cases, Achilles tendonitis is diagnosed through severe swelling and/or redness around the affected area. Whether you have simply strained or have completely torn your tendon, acupuncture needles can help to dilate blood from the swollen area, thus releasing pressure. In some cases, an additional course of electrostimulation may be recommended where blood flow is particularly poor.

Acupuncture can help to repair your tendons

Studies show that direct acupuncture of the Achilles tendon can even help synthesize collagen. This means regular treatment may help to rearrange collagen fibers in the affected area, encouraging your injury to heal quicker and stronger.

Acupuncture can help to promote cell growth

It’s also been proven that, alongside promoting collagen production, direct acupuncture for Achilles pain can help to encourage cell growth in a torn or injured area. This, again, ensures that tendonitis repairs faster than through simple rest alone.

It’s this cell growth, too, that will help your tendons to grow back stronger and more flexible after a complete course of acupuncture.

When should I book acupuncture for Achilles pain?

It’s important to book an acupuncture session for Achilles pain as soon as you notice common symptoms start to develop. If setting off running, jumping, or just standing up causes you pain, you will likely benefit from a consultation.

Our clinic will help you find a course of treatment that suits your physical needs – and which considers the initial cause of your injury. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or expectations you may have from your first assessment – don’t leave things until the last possible moment!

How long will it take for acupuncture to heal Achilles tendonitis?

All bodies are slightly different, and the cause of Achilles pain will vary from person to person. Acute pain may only need three or four acupuncture sessions to see lasting results. If you are in considerable, chronic pain, you will likely be recommended a longer course of treatment.

Other factors that may affect the length of your recovery include your physical strength, your age, lifestyle choices, and the cause of your injury. We’ll always discuss these factors with you at the start of your treatment.

At the end of your first acupuncture session, you’ll likely feel incredible pain relief in your Achilles tendons! This is just the beginning of your leaving journey – it’s important to follow a suggested healing plan, and further sessions to recover fully.

Book acupuncture for Achilles pain today

No matter your age, health, or activity level, you should never let pain get in the way of the life you want to lead. Leaving Achilles pain to persist could lead to serious mobility problems – and the sooner you approach a professional acupuncturist, the better!

Ultimately, it’s important we work with you to help you regain function, flexibility and confidence in all that you do. That may be on the track, at work, or even at leisure – let us help you experience zest for life again.
If you’d like to know more about acupuncture for Achilles pain, or would like to book your first session, be sure to contact our professionals at Lycoming Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture.

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