5 Electro Acupuncture Benefits


Electro acupuncture is a hybridized form of traditional acupuncture that involves placing two needles into the appropriate trigger points (they may be close together or far apart), and using tiny electrodes to run an electrical current throughout the body. It may sound like a strange science experiment, but electro acupuncture can be life-changing for many people. Let’s take a look at these 5 electro acupuncture benefits to find out what makes this all-natural therapy so great.

Electro acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, reducing pain, inflammation, and stress. Electro acupuncture also increases circulation and supports the healing process, making it a fantastic alternative therapy for a wide range of chronic conditions. 

Electro acupuncture fights pain and inflammation

One of the main reasons people turn to electro acupuncture is for pain management. Electro acupuncture can be a step up from traditional acupuncture for some people. That’s because electro acupuncture offers continuous stimulation of acupuncture trigger points, which can make a single session much more effective. 

Electro acupuncture sends an electrical pulse between two needles, turning your body into one big circuit. This flow of electricity increases circulation, and better blood flow is essential for reducing inflammation and kickstarting recovery. At the same time, electro acupuncture stimulates nerve endings, modulating the way they feel pain

At the same time, electro acupuncture also encourages the body to release endorphins. You’ve probably heard of these neurotransmitters before. They’re the same feel-good chemicals your brain makes when you do something you enjoy — like ride a rollercoaster, or laugh with your friends. 

Endorphins are considered an endogenous pain reliever because they’re so effective at raising your pain threshold. Endorphins change the way your body responds to pain, reducing the severity of pain. They also improve your state of mind and enhance your well-being (more on this in a minute!). 

Electro acupuncture stimulates rapid healing

Better circulation has the added benefit of stimulating the healing process. Whether you’re facing a sprained ankle, or are struggling to overcome an old workplace injury, electro acupuncture can make your journey to recovery much easier. 

Better blood flow brings inflammation levels down, but that doesn’t just help manage pain. It also makes it easier for your body to begin healing. The increase in circulation brings red blood cells, oxygen, and other raw building materials your body needs to generate new tissue. 

Electro acupuncture stimulates collagen synthesis, making your muscles, and even your skin, more elastic. While it’s normal to experience some fatigue after an electro acupuncture session, many patients see improved flexibility and range of motion in the days following their treatments. 

From deep muscle injuries to minor sprains and strains, electro acupuncture can enhance your body’s ability to heal itself, which makes it an appropriate protocol for all sorts of health concerns. Whether you’re dealing with knee pain, quad pain, or neck pain, electro acupuncture can ease your symptoms. 

Electro acupuncture supports healthy nerve function

Healthy muscle function and recovery are two key benefits that electro acupuncture has to offer. But electro acupuncture can work wonders for people suffering from nerve pain as well. Electro acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, sending signals to nerve fibers, and optimizing their function. 

Additionally, electro acupuncture helps heal damaged nerve fibers. Whether you’re dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, a pinched nerve, or sciatica pain, electro acupuncture can help you overcome the pain, tingling, and numbness associated with these conditions.

Research has shown that electro acupuncture encourages the release of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are adult stem cells predominantly found in bone marrow. MSCs play an integral role in nerve regeneration, which means electro acupuncture could prove to be the linchpin in your nerve pain management protocol. 

Electro acupuncture reduces physical and mental stress

Stress can be a tricky thing. If you feel stressed mentally, you may start clenching your muscles, holding it all in. This leads to physical stress. The opposite can happen, too. Maybe you sprain a muscle at the gym, and that physical stress leads to mental stress. Either way, this throws your stress biofeedback loop out of whack. 

Let’s go back to endorphins for a minute. Endorphins don’t just alter the way your body responds to pain. In other words, they don’t just raise your physical pain threshold. They increase your mental pain threshold as well. Endorphins enhance your mood and are responsible for the phenomenon that is the runner’s high. So if you feel better after a workout, you can thank those endorphins. 

Electro acupuncture doesn’t just release endorphins, though. It also regulates other important neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, another “happy” chemical. Serotonin plays a pivotal role in a variety of functions, including regulating moods, wound healing, digestion, and sleep. When serotonin levels are balanced, your body functions as it should, and you feel a whole lot better. 

Overall, electro acupuncture works on multiple levels to reduce mental stress and physical stress, giving you a better attitude and making it easier to roll with whatever life throws at you.

Electro acupuncture eases insomnia

Missing one night of sleep is frustrating enough, but if you have insomnia, it can be downright debilitating. 

Many people suffer from insomnia as a consequence of underlying pain. Old sports injuries, arthritis, and TMJ can make falling asleep and/or staying asleep next to impossible. Fortunately, because acupuncture is so great at reducing pain and managing stress levels, that means that it can also be used to treat insomnia as well.  

Traditional acupuncture has long been used to support healthy sleep cycles. Electro acupuncture is just as effective for managing insomnia, if not more so. 

In a study, electro acupuncture prolonged slow wave sleep (SWS) time and relatively rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep) time. So if you’re looking for an alternative to the sleeping pills your doctor gave you, electro acupuncture promises some pretty stellar results!

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